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Christmas Creations



Everything we create at Paul Bunyan’s is gorgeous! We love to decorate – anything and everything we can get our hands on! Everyone enjoys their work. It gives the women an opportunity to be very creative and show off their talents. 

We fill ½ bushel baskets, tin buckets, coffee cups, skates, pretty baskets, sleighs, old cooking pots, birch vases, tons of ½ wall baskets, which people love instead of a wreath, and the list goes on. We even decorated a golf bag and it looked incredible.

We start to decorate by using fresh greens from our farm. Usually Fir branches, but often mix in Juniper with pretty blue berries, golden Cypress, long-needed Southwestern White Pine, and more. Picking out a bow is lots of fun, through we do have close to fifty patterns to choose from. We coordinate the berries, mostly reds, and all the other decorations from there. These include pine cones, white sticks, and a bird, usually a cardinal. You are now all ready for something beautiful to look all winter long! And everything is waterproof and will last for many years to come. Season after season, our customers return their pieces for “sprucing up”! Give us a week or so, depending upon whether it is our busiest time, and we will get the job done as fast as we can. Our special order file fills up fast. See us as early as possible, like mid-November. Save all your decorations in nice shape. We just charge for greens and labor.

At Paul Bunyan’s, our staff decorates wreaths, kissing balls, swags, artificial trees, teddy bears, and whatever else we see hanging around. We especially love to decorate sleds.

Come see the highest quality of our work. We love seeing you leave happy. And remember, we decorate for the winter season, not just the Christmas season.

Our workshop is right there in front of you in our new building. Come watch the “elves” at work!