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Christmas Trees


Tag and Cut-Your-Own (2018 tagging season is Now Closed.  We DO HAVE Fresh Cut Trees.)

The 2018 tagging season is NOW CLOSED! Wait until you see how beautiful our trees are. Our specialty is Fraser Fir and Concolor Fir. Everyone loves them because of their very long needle retention – up to 3 months, provided they are kept well watered. Both are soft to the touch. Fraser Fir are dark green, almost bluish in color. They hold the heaviest ornaments. Concolor Fir have very blue needle color and incredible citrus smell. Canaan Fir and Arizona Corkbark Fir are also available. They too have wonderful qualities.

Tagging is a pretty simple process. Most of our trees are $60.00 (plus tax). They average 7’ to 8’ tall. Please leave a minimum of a $10.00 deposit. We give you a packet of colorful ribbons that Susan’s mom gets ready and a tag with your name on it, along with a map of our farm. Some of our customers have the tradition of decorating their tree in the fields with special ornaments when they are tagging. There is good signage in our fields. We can even walk you out there. Some people already have their tree all picked out, just by driving by and seeing it!

Paul Bunyan’s has some Paul Bunyan size trees in our fields! They are 9’ to 14’ or so. They are individually priced anywhere from $60.00 to $160.00. Other trees of exceedingly higher size and quality are priced accordingly. With all the rain this season, our Fraser Fir, Canaan Fir, and Concolor Fir look incredible. We do the cutting for you on these larger size trees. Just tell us when and we will harvest that morning.

When it comes time to cutting your tagged tree, we are open every day except Thanksgiving. We close our fields for cutting down your tagged tree at 4:00pm. We give you a saw and a cart and have you harvest your tree. Once your tree is brought in from the fields, we take over from there. We know just what needs to be done to get your tree all ready for your stand. This includes banging any brown needles out, flushing the cut on the bottom so it stands up straight, removing the lower branches so you can get it into your tree stand, and netting it for you to make it easier to handle. We have plenty of twine to tie your tree on or into your vehicle. We send you on your way with excellent care instructions. And our thanks.

Lots of people cut their tagged trees before Thanksgiving. It seems more and more every year. We think it’s funny! Just keep them well-watered.

The only way to get a cut-your-own tree is during the tagging season. It starts on Saturday, September 8th 2018.  Tagging season will end sometime early November. (We think)  After that, we know that you will enjoy one of the trees we cut for you. Give us a call or gmail us and we can update you. Many of our customers have been getting a tree from us since they were a kid and now have families of their own. And every year we get new customers. We only can sell a certain number of trees a year, so we save some for the following season. Come early for the best selection.

Trees We Cut For You

We now have available an excellent selection of pre-cut trees. They are displayed professionally in a lighted area. Sizes range from 4’ to 14’. You can find trees for $32.99, $47.99, $58.99, $84.99 and pretty much any price ranging from $24.99 to $249.99  Other trees of exceedingly higher size and quality are priced accordingly. Our selection includes Fraser Fir, Concolor Fir, Balsam Fir, and a few Korean and Veitchii Fir.

Properly cared for, our Christmas trees go well beyond the season. When you find a tree you want to give a good home to, just point to it, and we will take over from there. We know just what needs to be done to get your tree all ready for your stand. This includes a fresh cut if you tell us you are going home to put it in water, along with netting your tree to make it easier to handle. We load it into or on your vehicle and send you on your way with great instructions and our thanks.

We are more than willing to hold your tree if you want to pick one out but are not quite ready to bring it home.

Kindly let us make your Christmas season more pleasurable by getting your tree from Paul Bunyan’s Farm.